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by BryanS on December 26, 2007, 11:47:00 AM

I'd like to start off by welcoming all new members and guests. If you aren't a member please sign up for an account and check out what our club has to offer. We are a Ducati sanctioned Desmo Owners Club based in Indiana, but we welcome all motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide. We have members that ride other bikes and members from around the world.

Our president, Mario wrote a great history of the club explaining our beginning. You can read it here. I thought it was time to add some of our more recent history and a bit about our future.

When Mario last wrote he mentioned that he was working on being recognized as an Official Desmo Owners Club. We have achieved that status and are listed on Ducati's website as an Official Club. That was a big deal to us and we are very proud of that accomplishment.

Many northern Hooligans began meeting up for dinner each Thursday at Moser's Michigan Street Cafe in New Carlisle. We line all of the Ducs along the street in front of the café and sit in a sidewalk cafe area. We enjoy the nice weather, the good company, and the great  Austrian food and Austrian bier. The bikes look impressive lined up along the street and we all just have a blast.   Even in the winter months we still meet for dinner there.  If you haven't been, you're missing out!

At the end of July, we made a trip up to Elkhart Lake, WI to see the AMA Superbike race at Road America. Our Ducs roaring down the Chicago highways in the pouring rain with tents and sleeping bags strapped to the pillion seat were certainly a site. We were delighted to meet Larry Pegram, a privateer riding a Ducati in the formula extreme class. Mother nature couldn't let our boots dry out apparently because it continued to rain throughout the weekend, but we had a blast anyway.

We made it out to Mid-Ohio again in 2007 early in August to watch Larry Pegram racing in AMA Superbike's formula extreme class. This certainly helped to ease the pain of not having the Ducati factory team with Ben Bostrom and Neil Hodgson racing anymore. The DesmOhio crew was generous enough to share their sweet camping location and we shared our moonshine and humor. It worked out very nicely and a great time was had by all. I personally think I enjoy meeting other Ducatisti at these events more than the seeing the races.

In mid-August we were invited to a wonderful event at Gingerman Raceway; Great Lakes Ducfest. I know Ducs Unlimited put a lot of work into making this track weekend/rally/party happen and it showed. There were a lot of vendors, a bbq, live music, camping, and tons of fun. It really showed off what a club could put together if they put their minds to it.

With many of our members spread across the state, we finally found an opportunity to meet at the end of August when we went for a ride to CarrMoto and then on to Joe's Pizza. At CarrMoto we got to checkout their sweet service area and many of us met Bill and Matt Carr and the rest of the staff for the first time. Their entire facility really is quite spectacular. After some minor tweaking of our bikes in their service department we continued on to Sullivan, Indiana where we filled our handsome faces with wonderful food from Joe's pizza. In order to ensure that it was a late, fun filled night we all wandered over to a local adult beverage establishment and had a drink before heading our separate ways. I know we all made a few more good friends that day.

We were really excited to see Ducati Indianapolis have their grand opening at the end of September. A bunch of our members went to see how nice the new dealer looked and we were really impressed. We are lucky to have such a class act here in Indiana.

We had another club meet up in mid-November in Bloomington at the Upland Brewery. I’d never been there before and had never ridden in the Bloomington area. I really enjoyed the ride there with all of the scenic curvy roads around Bloomington. The Upland Brewery was a really interesting place with good food, good beer, and a nice setting. We filled their side parking lot with motorcycles and got to check out all the cool mods on other members bikes. The weather was cool, but it was a great time, as usual.

A few of our members attended the Christmas party that Ducs Unlimited, another Desmo Owners Club in Michigan, threw and had a great time. Even more of us attended the DesmOhio Christmas party which started off with a brutal go kart race and culminated in a great dinner at the Buca de Beppo in Cincinnati. I'd like to point out that the superior skills of the Hoosier Hooligans resulted in our winning of the races. I almost felt bad when we cleaned up at the raffle after dinner. Our minority monopolized on the prizes. We all had a great time and owe big thanks to Ducs Unlimited and DesmOhio for showing us how a Christmas party should be. Being a new club we hadn't planned a Christmas party but you can be sure that we won't make that mistake again and now we've got lots of good ideas from these big brother clubs. I'd like to thank them both for welcoming us to their parties and for showing us just what a club should be doing to party.

On December 15th, a few of us traveled back to Ducati Indianapolis again to visit with their great staff and to check out the brand new 848 Superbike. The new bike was cool and there was food to munch on, but I had even more fun talking with the staff and checking out all of the bikes they were storing there. Bill Carr has some very cool bikes there and it’s always fun to take a peek at them again when I’m at the shop.

Throughout the year many of us have met to watch MotoGP. I made it a habit to have the recent races on DVD so we could watch them together when we had a free night. We’ve found a few nice locations to watch the race, but I can imagine that we will have a few bigger get-togethers next season for even more fun.

With the winter season in full bloom now there isn't a lot of riding happening, but our members are still planning for the upcoming year. We have started working on putting together a few track days/schools and have some experienced riders among us that intend to teach us newbies what to do on the track. You can be sure that we will have members at Daytona bike week and that we will have an even bigger presence at the AMA Superbike races at Road America and Mid-Ohio. We've had a blast at these races and I expect no less this coming year. Our big excitement for the year is sure to be the first ever MotoGP race right here at Indiana Motor Speedway. Planning is in full force and I expect it to be a great event. I hope that our membership will continue to grow and that we will continue to have frequent regional meetups and regular big group rallies so we can continue to meet fellow Ducatisti. I'm personally excited to have CarrMoto here. I foresee coordinating events with them to really make great things happen.

With these events coming up, and the friendships we have developed with members from clubs such as DesmOhio, Ducs Unlimited, and the Coastal Ducati Club, I am confident in saying that we will be having a great time. If you aren’t already an active member of our club I recommend joining. We will be having another fun filled year in 2008!

I’d like to take a moment to thank Vicki Smith for all that she has done to help our club and all of the other clubs. Without her guidance our club would not have ever developed. Without her planning none of the events we have enjoyed so much would have been such great successes. I’d also like to thank DesmOhio and Ducs Unlimited for hosting all the great events they have put together. They certainly contributed to this year’s fun in a big way. Finally, I’d like to thank all of our members. We’ve got a lot of people working hard behind the scenes to make the club a success. I’ve made a lot of great new friends this year and had a blast riding all over Indiana and the mid-west meeting other Ducatisti.


Bryan Simms
Hoosier Hooligans Co-Founder & Vice President

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We are seeking motorcycling related, especially Ducati related, businesses as sponsors for our club/site.

  • We are a growing club of motorcycle enthusiasts.
  • Most members own Ducatis but we have members that own other bikes.
  • Most members are Hoosiers but we also have non-Hoosier members. We even get some international traffic.


Our Stats

We had about 80 members at the end of August 2007 and anticipate growth. During the month of August, our web site had 913 unique visitors and received 597,776 hits. Comparing previous months, we have seen rapid, consistent growth of 30%-65% in site traffic each month.


We offer our sponsors the following ways to reach our members

  • We display Banner ads prominently at the top of nearly every page.
  • We feature an easy to find, easy to read sponsors page with your banner and a brief description of your business
  • We will set up a user account on our forum that identifies you as a sponsor
  • With that sponsor account you can post ads in a “Sponsor’s Ad” section of the forum
  • You may place a banner or advertising language in your profile signature so your business gets noticed each time you post to the forum

Here’s the best part… Until the end of 2007, we are offering all of this without any charge to sponsors that we approve. We ask only that you commit to offering our members some sort of special pricing or offer during the time that you are advertising with us. At the beginning of 2008, we may implement a pay for advertising plan to help support our club but the details are still being finalized.

We have been added as an affiliate of Road ID

We have become an affiliate of Road ID, which is a company that makes identification wrist bands, tags, etc. They market their product towards athletes who may be running, bicycling on the road with little ID and become injured. We share a lot of the common risks those athletes face and their product seems well suited for motorcyclists as well. Several of our members already own their product and like it so I'm glad to add this relationship among our sponsors. The Road ID affiliation doesn't give our members any direct discount, but by using the links on our site to visit the Road ID site, any purchases you make will result in a 10% kickback to the club so you can support the club by using these links. Be sure to post up any coupon codes you receive to help our members save a bit on their purchases :L

We are proud to announce that Monster Parts is sponsoring the Hoosier Hooligans

Many of our members have done business with Jeff @ Monsterparts.com and have raved about his customer service and the quality of the products he carries.  He's runs a great business and even before he sponsored the club many of us often recommended him for purchases.  Jeff has given us even more motivation with the offer of a 10% discount on purchases.  For information on how to receive this discount, check out the thread in the sponsor's ad forum.

We are proud to announce that Corsair Industries is now a sponsor of the Hoosier Hooligans

I contacted Cody at Corsair Industries when the club was in need of having some crankshaft covers machined.  He was great to work with and turned us out a top quality custom part.  I checked out all of the other products that Corsair Industries made and found some nice billet parts and some nice tools.  When Cody suggested sponsoring our club I was all for it.  He offered a 10% discount for our members.  For info on how to obtain the discount, please check out the sponsor's ad forum.  Check out their site and see all of the nice parts they have made.  I don't have any doubt that you'll be as impressed with their work as I am!

-- BryanS

We are proud to have Ducati Indianapolis Supporting the Hoosier Hooligans.

We were in serious need of a Ducati dealer in Indiana and were delighted when Bill and Matt Carr opened Ducati Indianapolis just north of Indianapolis in Zionsville, IN.  They have one of the nicest shops we've seen and the service area is very impressive.  They are planning some exciting events such as track days and we are excited to participate since there is no doubt that they will be great time.


We have added Motostrano as a sponsor

Motostrano is an online retailer that sells all sorts of great quality gear, including helmets jackets, gloves, etc, AND sells some great motorcycle parts.  I've personally placed several orders with them over the years and have been delighted with the merchandise and with the service.  Motostrano has offered to support the club by offering free shipping on club member orders. In order to receive the discount click here for the coupon code.  Thanks for the support!

Shift Tech sponsors the Hoosier Hooligans.

Guido is a great guy and sells some of the best carbon fiber we have ever seen.  He was great enough to offer the following benefits to club members:
  •  10% off purchases
  •  Free shipping
In order to get the discounts please place your order as usual and be sure to let Guido know that you are a member of the Hoosier Hooligans so he can manually update your bill to reflect the discount.

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